Lacewing in a new winery in the Walla Walla Valley. They reached out and tasked me with creating a logo as well as new labels and other print materials.
The Lacewing is a beneficial insect for grapes. It eats aphids and other pests that can harm the crops. The most definitive feature of the Lacewing is its wing with a beautiful mosaic look to it. I felt it was the natural point to focus on when designing the logo.
I asked the client a series of questions to try and narrow the focus of the design before diving in too deep and and received the following info:
1. Artsy, graphic, and professional
2. Highlight the green colors of the lacewing
3. A black matte texture for the label
4. To be used on websites, letterhead, advertising, and wine bottles
While sketching out a handful of different wings I noticed it had a real 'stained glass' effect to it and decided to run with it. I also saw a great opportunity to slip in a subtle wine glass into the 'stained glass' portion of the design. To top it off, if you've ever flown over agricultural areas you'll notice the grid-like layout of the fields below you. Drawing out the lacewing design and filling in the shades of green, I think, gives a wonderful representation of the agricultural area of the Walla Walla Valley.​​​​​​​
The client specifically mentioned a black matte label as well as a foil component to the labels so those were confines I tried to focus on. I also thought it would be great to give the inner part of the design that stained glass texture. 
Setting it on the black background really makes the colors and the foil stand out. We also thought that it the logo lent itself well to changing the colors depending on the blend of wine. You can see in the mock-ups below that the original colors are on the reds, the whites have a star/gold coloring, and the rosé will have light pink/rose gold.
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