For years Five Ultimate has been the sponsor for the Ultimate Frisbee US National Team (USNT) and I have the pleasure of creating their uniforms for a few years running. I always look forward to the opportunity because I'm a sucker for the stars and bars but I also like to mix it up a bit. The USNT is one of the most visible teams in the world so it's a great opportunity to set the trends and drive the aesthetic of our sport. 
A lot of the time we would also use it as a chance to release new products with the first look being on their uniforms. For example, with this years' team, we released our new long sleeve hoodie. It featured a new cut and we got rid of the front pocket that was on our old version.
The design was loosely inspired by the old Atlanta Hawks jerseys. I'm a sucker for a good throwback so that's usually where I start when searching for inspiration. The USA logo was one that's been in use for 4 or 5 years now as USA ultimate was hoping for a more consistent brand. I changed the colors and the outline a bit but the overall appearance is the same. 
On top of the usual dark and light options, this year we created a third alternate colorway. We've always gone all out in support of Pride and LGBTQ+ so we wanted to create a rainbow design to show our support on the National stage.
Below you can also find the multitude of differnt ads I created for the products. These were used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website banners, homepage slides, print ads, etc.
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